Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cute Puppy & My Scared Brother

I had professed my love for dogs in this post sometime back. That affection is growing with my daily “dog viewing” car rides. And, now I have a dog at home as well, albeit not a real one but a cute toy puppy that can walk, jump and bark; all at the press of a button.......My mom bought it for me last Sunday. She is happy at her choice as my love for dogs is finally getting manifested in that cute puppy; who I can touch and feel............ On the other hand, my Rudra bhai is a scared man these days! All you need to do to make him go away is to press that button.......and he starts to run all over, looking for a place to hide; crying and scared of that puppy........With an amusing look on my face, I watch the entire drama unfold before my eyes;........ so much wanting to tell my brother- "bhai, there is no need to be scared of animals; human beings are worse " .......

You don't believe me? Go and read newspapers, watch TV and you will start believing me"......

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