Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hey! I am Ten Now; 10 Months I mean

As my new banner suggests, I have completed 10 months on 3rd September. Like on previous nine occasions, this time also I celebrated my monthly birthday by cutting a cake with some help from my Rudra bhai. It was really sweet of him to give the first cake piece to me.........This time; we were joined by Golee chachee and Golu chacha for the occasion.
I am sure you would want to see my birthday cake; so here is a picture of my tenth monthly birthday cake surrounded by 11 candles (all of them are not visible, so please don’t count) of different shapes and sizes.......
You know buying this cake proved to be a huge task because of heavy rains....... We had to wait inside our car for more than an hour for rains to stop........And when it did, another surprise was waiting for us- our car would not start; apparently car battery gave in after non-stop usage for more than an hour with engine in “off” mode..... Luckily, a ramp close-by came to our rescue; but only after my papa would push our car upto that point.....And, engine came back to life again but only after throwing my papa’s clothes off gear.........he was dripping!

Needless to mention that delayed post is a result of that "car push act"......Papa has fever for past two days now!

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