Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Perfect Start!

Time: 6.50 am
Date: 23rd September 2009

Lying by my papa, I broke into a laughter; loud enough to wake him up from his deep sleep........and, before he could even open his eyes, I started touching his face.....gently and softly with my tender hands...... "Pleasantly surprised" was the look on his face.......lifting me up in his arms, he kissed my forehead........and uttered "thank you beta" in an emotionally choked voice!

Yes! it's my papa's birthday today- his first one after my birth and he could not have asked for any better start than this- that's how he feels! And, this time he is right......

Happy birthday, papa!

Edited to add: I went back to sleep after wishing my papa!

Edited to add: Papa's Birthday Update My papa is richer by one more year and a new phone as well; Ashu chacha gifted him one on his birthday. It was my proud Rudra bhai who handed him his new phone saying- "Tau (Uncle in Hindi)- happy happy"..........

Sandeep chacha and Golee chachee brought him a delicious birthday cake; which he would cut with me and my Rudra bhai standing next to him......Later, we went out for dinner at I-Kay's , a fine dining restaurant at Mega Mall- Gurgaon........While they were eating their dinner, both me and my Rudra had fun........ total fun!

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