Wednesday, September 16, 2009

House Arrest!

That I can climb up our staircase is no more a news to anyone; but what I am going to share with you now will certainly be so; at least it was to my family members.......... My mom was the first one to break that news out, after she saw me walk down our stairs; much to her horror and disbelief.

A shrewd mom; that she is, managed to hide her anger and frustration behind her smiles........but only after pouring cold water on my hopes of getting some pat on my back for my achievement........ Who cares, after all she is ........ mom.

So, she would instantly issue some instructions/orders to Santoshi didi- to keep a close watch on my movements and not allow me to go anyway near those stairs! So, stairs are completely out of bounds for me now and my actions and movements are being closely monitored.......... Santoshi didi doesn't seem to me as my caretaker; rather she resembles more with those secret service agents....... or those bloodhounds!

All this has left me with a strange feeling.......feeling of being under some sort of house arrest.........I hope I am wrong!

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