Monday, September 14, 2009

Me & My Rudra Bhai

As sun broke out after a gap of five days, my Rudra bhai and I were itching to go out. "Who will bell the cat" seemed to be the most pertinent question in our minds.....

We got our opportunity fairly soon; as everyone was busy with their breakfast, my Rudra bhai sneaked out of the room first, with his tricycle.........I must have been waiting for him to do that, as I quickly followed his footsteps...... Papa came rushing out after he noticed that both of us are missing from action.......

Coughing badly, my Rudra bhai was trying his level best to make me sit atop his tricycle....Creases on our respective foreheads were getting stronger, darker and longer....... Not wanting to loose a great moment; my papa pitched in and lent his helping hand to my Rudra bhai....... Widest possible smiles were back on our faces in a flash!

Now, the scene is set- a sister is sitting atop her brother's cycle while her elder brother has his hands on the cycle handle....both have wide smiles on their faces...... Sister is filled up with pride and her smile is boasting of her brother's love and care...... Acutely aware of his responsibility, brother is protective, bullying, caring, affectionate with love abound in each of his actions! ....

But, where is the damn camera? Papa runs inside and by the time he came out, photo opportunity was going away from him......

Video 1- You must see these videos to see as to how that opportunity walked away from my papa!

Video 2- Here you can see that element of care and affection as Rudra bhai goes pushing my bicycle...with love and complete dedication!

Video 3- Best of all, see my hands touching my Rudra bhai's face and his reaction to it.....awesome! This is our best moment till date!

400 metres of walking and no sign of our illness; love surely heals!

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