Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Three Brats On The Dance Floor!

Occasion- Mini bua's (Mayank chacha's sister) marriage at Dehradun
Date- 27th September

Loud music and an appreciative audience is all my Honey didi and Rudra bhai need to showcase their dance talent- both of them love to dance. Mini bua's marriage gave them an opportunity and it didn't take much for them to hit the floor. It took my Rudra bhai exactly nine seconds to get into rhythm with Honey didi's feet following him in quick succession.

I was watching the entire action from my papa's lap. Unable to resist high decibel music beats, I started shaking my body to ultimately found myself sharing the dance floor with my didi and bhai...... As soon as my Rudra bhai saw me, he pulled out all the stops to make me join him.......Here are the visuals of all the action.....

Once on the dance-floor, I couldn't resist joining them for long. I started dancing in my own way by shaking my shoulders, neck and upper body. My Rudra bhai and Honey didi were dancing at their energetic best.....

Three brats brought the dance floor back to life, again!

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