Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Water In Car Engine!

...sounds weird; isn’t it? But that’s what my papa found out when he started his car to head to office yesterday morning. Another try and he knew something is wrong; opened bonnet of his car only to found his fears come true- the engine was oozing a mixture of oil and water. It took him little to figure out the culprit- our car cleaner. My papa had asked him to pour water into wiper inlet; instead he poured a bucket full of water in the engine inlet. Shucks....- was the first reaction; expletives followed.....and, then some frustration and anguish. Regaining his composure, he called for mom......and out came rushing my mom with me in tow........Papa is again livid at the car cleaner, in absentia; mom is in a bit pensive mood and me -all smiles, laughing, giggling...... For the first time in my life, I saw my papa getting distracted of my smiles....... Unaware of situation around me, I was busy laughing and smiling when papa told mom to take me inside; but realised his mistake fairly quick..... Took me in his arms and said- “beta- main yehan pareshan hoon aur aapko hansee aa rahee hai (Here I am worried about my car and you are smiling)”....... As soon as he finished, I burst into another bout of laughter; and he couldn't’t stop himself from smiling.

With smile back on his face, his mind started working and he called up Sandeep chacha for contact details of his car mechanic. As he was not readily available, he called up couple of other service stations. Later on, he decided to wait for the first one to get free; which would not be before 7 pm.......

The guy did manage to get free by that time and reached our home at around 7 pm. Four hours of cleaning up, flushing and other acts brought the engine back to life......papa heaved a sigh of relief; for obvious reasons....... Cost of the whole exercise was a paltry Rs 1,794 ($ 36) against morning estimates of Rs 50,000 ($ 1,000) given by those two service stations........ Expressing his deep gratitude to the guy, he handed him the money...... He thanked God!

And Rakesh uncle’s word summed it up best- “Mehnat ki kamayee waste nahin jaatee (money earned by sheer hard work never goes in vain)” ...... How true!

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