Sunday, September 6, 2009

Life Out Of A Song!

Scene 1
Mom- Alok, do you remember that song?
Papa (he knows the song mom is talking about) – I can’t remember the exact words

Silence follows; both are in deep thinking mode while I am playing with papa's cell phone. Papa manages to retrieve one line of the main song......and, humming follows

Scene 2
Papa- (singing) “हम और बंधेंगे , हम तुम कुछ और बंधेंगे” (we shall come closer, more closer)
Mom- (singing) “जीवन की बगिया महकेगी, लहकेगी” (Garden of life shall blossom)

YouTube search followed and song came to life......again......after two years! Yes; that’s what they told me.......

Scene 3
Both are playing this song on their respective laptops.......Confused me, is looking at both of them........ Mom had tears in her eyes and papa is no different either!

Here is the song that brought tears to their eyes! It is no brainer as to why tears came rolling down their cheeks........(papa will post English translation of lyrics soon)

History behind this song: Those were the days when my parents were debating on the question of bringing another life into this world.....Although they had complete unanimity on the need for a kid; timing was a big bone of contention ....... Papa was of the opinion that mom is highly career oriented, something that she should tone down first before planning a kid; while mom was not ready to discuss this subject at all ......And then, they stumbled upon this song by chance; developed an instant liking for the song and the lyrics......Our car-stereo player played this song non-stop for more than 3 months (Ruchi bua might remember mom telling her about this song).......From then on, it didn't take much for reality to dawn on them.......Soon, life-cell began to take shape inside my mom's womb .....That life cell is a 10 months old kid now; and can laugh, giggle, cry, touch, feel, crawl......Or should I say, is someone who is more than what this song describe!

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