Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Latest Dehradun Trip

I was in Dehradun (or “Doon” as that’s how I call it) making good old blogger to wait for this post……came back yesterday morning only after a quick-fire visit to Doon after leaving Gurgaon on the evening of Saturday. Actually, my papa was supposed to leave in the morning but he didn’t because of a head-ache. We decided to accompany him only after he failed to postpone his meetings by a week- mom didn’t want him to travel alone late hours.

We reached Cheetal Grand around 8 pm; in fact we were the last ones to leave the Hotel allowing my papa to do what he is good at- build a rapport with strangers…..and, this time it was none other than the hotel owner himself; common Uttarakhand roots helped.

While my papa was busy chatting up with the Hotel owner, I decided to take a tour of the place……saw various species of birds, fishes and also posed for a photo atop an antique Triumph……here are few photographs….

We left Cheetal Grand after spending close to an hour at the place……. reached Dehradun at around 12.30 in the night. My waiting dada and dadee embraced me as soon as we reached our home……..Seven hours of travelling wasn’t enough to tire me and I began inspecting all the rooms…….running from one room to other. My dada and dadee felt that I have grown in height. They felt happy to see me after more than a month….....My tired papa went to sleep soon afterwards; however I had completely different plans…….and kept everyone else awake till 4 am, playing with them…..

Next morning started bit earlier than usual; and I continued from where I had left in the night or early morning, so to speak…….Now was the time to inspect outdoors; so took a tour of the entire lawn, vegetable garden and the perimeter wall…………but what attracted me most was the kid pool that my dada and dadee got constructed for us……….My dada found it difficult to rein in my natural instincts to get inside the water but per my mom’s advice he didn’t let me get in as water was very cold- my mom has still not started giving me cold water baths….crazy moms, you know!

I must say that the pools looks great for us……I kept going towards it at regular intervals and my papa didn’t forget to get his camera work this time…….here are some pictures….

You know that beauty of being in Dehradun is that you can actually feel the time walk with you at your own pace unlike Delhi- it keeps running ahead of you in Delhi, you know……….We were so engrossed with our time that by the time we realized, day was all over…………Even our earlier plan to go and watch circus had to be shelved as the tickets were available only for a 9pm show……. As we had to leave for Delhi next morning at 4; my papa promised to bring me to Dehradun again for that circus show……We went to bed little earlier than usual and left for Gurgaon at 4 am as planned…….to join that mad Delhi race again!

Let me end this post with a picture that sums up my Dehradun trip best- me laughing out loud....

Have you noticed my tummy?

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