Thursday, April 8, 2010

What Will You..... when you are a 1 year 5 months old inside a moving car with mom and dad arguing over something? Well I don't know about you but what I thought best to do in that situation was to turn on the car music system (it was off), increase the volume and let the FM channel do the rest....... it took no time for them to end the argument and enjoy what their daughter did!

While my papa was busy lending his words to this post of mine, I was sleeping. My Rudra bhai entered inside to check on whether I am awake or not. He found me lying on bed with stomach uncovered as my tee shirt had moved up........He came up to me and pulling my tee shirt down, he said-" Behan apna mota pet dhako" meaning sister cover your fat tummy...... his touch was enough to wake me up which brought smile to his face and that of mine as well........As soon as i got down from my bed, smilingly so.........he further ordered- "behan chappal pehno" meaning sister wear your shoes.....and the fun began........we began playing with tanker/truck toys......It was then I noticed our prayer area and, with my folded hands touching my forehead and eyes closed, I said "jaiiiii"- my way of saying prayers.......My Rudra bhai too joined in.....and with his folded hands touching his forehead; he said ....."bhagwanjee meri behan to theek rakhna" meaning Lord, please take care of my sister.....

My watching father couldn't believe his eyes and ears!

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