Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Routine Or Military Regimen?

Lately, I have been quite irregular with my postings, thanks to my over-reliance on my dad- a busy man planning/executing his transition from the corporate world to the entrepreneurial world.

I know I am yet to finish writing about my Dehradun trip which ended 9 days back on last Sunday. Not only that, I am also due to write about my adjustments at home after my mom joined work on last Monday. So let me jump ahead and write about my new routine- I will complete the pending posts in the due course.

We (me, my dadee and mom) came back from Dehradun on the evening of 7th as my mom was due to re-join work the next day. My dadee accompanied us to help me adjust in my mom’s absence during the first week.

Well, honestly speaking there is nothing much to write about my adjustment issues as I have not much choice with that……my bathing routine has changed and so has my feeding time….Now, my usual day starts at 7am followed by a “close to 8am” bath and 8.15am breakfast………all, because my mom has to leave at 9am………Santoshi didi takes care of me during the day time in supervision of my dadee & Shikha chachee …….She has been instructed suitably by my mom with slots fixed for food and sleep time ………..everything else in between is my play-time (depending upon my Rudra bhai’s availability) …...didi follows the instructed routine to the “T” until my mom comes back at 5.30pm………… All this makes my papa ask a question- “Am I serving army to follow this strict military regimen?” No one seems to have an answer to this; not even me!

For now, I am happy making adjustments…….And, I have to make another one starting today as I am now joined by my nanee after my dadee went back as planned…..

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