Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dehradun Trip- Part 2

As soon as we reached our Dehradun home; both, I and my Rudra bhai began inspecting around the house……….picking up stuff that came our way- it wasn’t difficult to find something as my dada-dadee are getting a small pool constructed for us in the side lawns. Soon, the mound of sand and stack of bricks lying on the lawn became our favorite spot and would remain so for next few days……..I did manage to try my hands with the sand before that "don't play with sand" diktat became a rule…. Next day, for some good reason, my parents relaxed that "sand curfew" and didn’t stop me from playing with sand……. Rudra bhai’s did......... Defying their instructions, he too joined me; sand began to fly in all directions….some of it landed in our eyes and head; but we continued. Trying every trick in our book, we did our best to hold it in our hands but in-vain- it just kept slipping out of our hands…….we couldn’t help but wonder about its properties………. In the end, the attraction of playing with sand proved to be too strong for my parents to ignore and they also joined in………… Only "my mouthful of sand" act could bring this to an end!

Before, we could even realize, we found ourselves in the bathroom for an unscheduled bath……….As, we know how to make best use of every playing opportunity, my mom could figure out what is coming………so, she was ready with her “a dog is outside” plan to make us come out of water……….Luckily, she had a street dog waiting outside our gate!

In the night, my chachee found my old cradle and we could re-live some of our “not so old” moments, again!
Next post will be about Holi.......

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