Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back, Refreshed & Rejuvenated!

......... well not me, but my mom- I have still not reached that stage where I need these refreshing and rejuvenating trips to recharge my batteries; they are always in a super-charged stage.........only my Rudra bhai can match my excitement level!

We came back on Sunday after spending close to 10 days in Dehradun. My mom has joined her office from Monday; leaving me with my dadee who has to come to stay with us for a while to help me adjust to my mom’s absence during the daytime- so, my dadajee is alone in Dehradun these days……….

In Dehradun, I was at my walking & running best- my legs have actually undergone all sorts of stress tests- walking on sand, grass lawn, on the heap of brick pieces, concrete and marble floor……..ground etc etc…..and I have passed most of them with flying colors- not injuring once! And, all those tests were chosen by me only- I love walking is no secret!

We also had a great time celebrating Holi in our Dehradun home - a first time for me as I was in Gurgaon during Holi last year! I will write a separate post about that. Rather, I feel it would be better to write it in a chronicle fashion…….

27th February 2010- It was bright Saturday morning when we left Gurgaon for Dehradun……Ashu chacha was driving the car with me, Rudra bhai, Shikha chachee, Santoshi didi, mom & papa seated inside. We took Ganga Canal route and stopped thrice en-route to Dehradun- firstly for taking a stroll towards the canal banks…….my Rudra bhai was as scared as ever, but not me……always eager and ready to jump inside the canal but for those strong grips! I was not at all ready to come up to the road and had to be forcibly taken out of the canal…………
After we came up, we saw something that is the wonder of India-“It Can Happen Only In India” type……..around 175 people seated on a poor truck- hats off to Tatas whose machine can carry this work load and to all those people who are seated inside…….do not forget to notice the colors and the smiles on faces and also those people who are waiting for their turn to get inside the front-cabin!

Our next stop was at a roadside eatery for a quick luncheon meal! I found something to keep myself busy…..a herd of cows……the old man shepherding the herd didn’t forget to bless me…….. another wonder of India- to give blessings to even those who you don't know!

Our third stop was at a place where Indian Army’s armoured division- another wonder of India; was undergoing its training with big giant battle tanks……I loved that sight; in fact each one of us was in complete awe of those great men and the machines- giant tanks and their high decibel sounds was a treat to our ears and eyes …….we didn’t take the picture for security reasons!

Soon thereafter we reached Dehradun to a welcome by my dadajee and dadee…… To be continued in next post!

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