Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Brain Teasers Are In!

Now that I have completed one year, my mom’s expectations too seem to have moved into a different gear; else how would you explain her decision to buy me brain teasers in the garb of a toy. That so called toy is a box containing 5 blocks of different shapes and sizes. All I am supposed to do is to put those blocks inside the matching slots. After few hit and trials, I did manage to put all the blocks inside their slots. Needless to say that it brought an ear to ear smile on my mom’s face!

But, honestly speaking I don’t like the challenge of putting all the blocks inside their slots and have discovered an easy way out-I always pick that lone circular block. You know why....arey baba it’s simple...that block has no edges unlike star or triangular shaped blocks; so it goes in the slot with an effortless ease........Mom, it’s done, no more interested in any other blocks!

Don’t know why can’t they get me some dolls?

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