Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Climate Change & My Mom

I am a winter girl as I was born during that season last year......If I were to believe my parents, my first winters were harsher than the one that is currently underway.....Effects of climate change, you know! I am sure that negotiators at Copenhagen climate summit have a lot on their plate.....it is high time that they should bury their differences to make earth a better and safer world for kids like us....

Coming back to the issue of climate change, I feel my mom is the one who is responsible for this.....Every morning, she covers me with lot of clothes..... Reason? To protect me from the winter chill....Problem is that I have no words to tell her chill is yet to set in fully.....Even that sweat dripping off my head is of no help in communicating my message! Somebody should tell her that putting on more clothes means that there will be more clothes for washing every day....which in turn means more electricity and water wastage......leading to more emissions...

Can't she put on lesser clothes on me?

Going back to Copenhagen summit, the indecisive nature of climate talks at Copenhagen, clearly shows that gone are the days when December used to be a month of biting cold........ My suggestion, therefore would be, to help earth by avoiding extra clothes in December....... that way you will end up using lesser quantity of your alloted quota of emissions....... at least in this part of the world!

Mom are you listening?

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