Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Two Wrongs ALWAYS Makes A Right


This post is dedicated in the memory of Kyoto protocol, as Copenhagen readies itself to signal the death of the protocol.

Yesterday, I had talked about as to how my mom is contributing to the climate change . Now, following three pictures will make it amply to what she does to us? We are always covered under those weighty clothes.....Can you see our plight in particular and that of climate in general!

1. Me and my Rudra bhai are looking as if we are wearing our space suits- Actually, I think she is preparing us for the day when human being's search for an earth's alternative (as an after effect of climate change) will make it imperative to embark on a space, why not make us learn to walk in space-suits, seems that's what she has in her mind....
2. Me sitting on stairs- As I can't walk for long with those weighty clothes... Actually that's my mom's way of making us learn to walk in short stretches.....Why?....Arey baba, soon we guys will find it difficult to walk for long hauls with all the smog and polluted air around....By the way, did you notice my hairstyle?
3. What hairstyle??? It has already gone for the toss with all that sweating.....Thank you mom for ensuring that we learn to cope with another fallout of climate change- experiencing sweat in winter months......Don't laugh at me..... that day is not far when you will sweat in December and feel a piercing cold in June; if at all it exists.
By now it is quite clear that my mom is the biggest polluter of the climate; rather all mom's are!........ Still, I would like to thank my mom for doing some service to us- for preparing us for the day when earth's climate will go for the toss;....thanks to no one, but all the moms of the world for draping their kids with all those weighty clothes.....and for causing an irreparable damage...did I say it right? Irreparable????

Copenhagen negotiators, are you listening? Let me give you a simple solution- please don't focus on the big picture......pass a simple resoluion to ban all these weighty clothes as they use more water and soap and energy......thus affecting earth's climate adversely.......impose sanctions on all the non complying moms and the countries!.......You guys are now entitled to some luxury time .....go take a walk on the streets of Copenhagen and eat lot of Danish pastries and biscuits....Kids don't need them anymore!

And, please dump that Kyoto protocol in the nearby ocean... Oh yes!, also take a pledge to continue with all the greenhouse everyone in the "developed world" has an eternal right to emit! And, we the so-called "developing world" has a valid point as well.....Two Wrongs ALWAYS Make A now it's our turn to play the catching up game....We will ensure the undesirable expansion in emissions and pollution.......

And, I promise that I will not be found wanting....I will surely contribute towards that goal in my own way; after all it's now my turn to play the catching up game with the kids of so-called developed world....

Wow, that's a great thought- I just realised that this earth has two worlds and good news is that both are dying....Thank you Copenhagen, for doing everything to speed up that process.....I have one more plea to make- please take an oath to speed it up......drafts and protocols have no meaning; perhaps "oath" will work!

Copenhagen- are you listening?


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