Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Visit To Cafe Coffee Day

19th Jan, the day when I first stepped inside into a cafe- "CAFE COFFEE DAY" wrapped up in my warm jacket and clinged tightly by my dadee in her arms...no special ocasion but then my presence alone made it special. Actually it was mom's idea as she was craving for Capuccino, so she made my dadee and Himmu daadee (my father's aunty) accompany us. We drove to the cafe in our car with driver uncle on the wheels. I was little sleepy when we left our place. But as soon as we entered inside, sleep just vanished and it would remain like that for next 2 and half hours. I was made to sit there, few pics were clicked ( my father will upload them once he sees us this weekend). My roving eyes didn't rest even for a minute- searching and looking here and there and also trying to make sense out of it.. The colourful walls of the cafe were eye catching and perhaps one reason for not letting my eyeballs take some rest. If my mom would have had her own way, she for sure would have put one or two drops into my mouth, but then that is not it was supposed to be; so she didnt. One incident I must mention was- when my mom went up to a service boy and handed him our camera requesting him to click few pictures. For a moment that request left him high and dry as he couldn't understand that "bolt out of the blue" request. In all probabilities he must have thought that the girl (my mom) has gone crazy... my mom quickly sensed it and said- Bhai (used for brother in hindi)-would you please click few pictures of my daughter? and an embarrased smile followed quickly.

While everyone was busy sipping coffee, I was logging in all the happenings inside that cafe in my mind. Just, as when my mom realised that too much indulence would add on to her already bloating body, it was time to go. As soon as we would get inside the car to head back home, I would again start to feel sleepy; besides I was hungry as well; but then the excitement of spending time at cafe was powerful enough to allow me send hunger and sleep into trash for the time being.

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