Thursday, January 1, 2009

30 Dec-What A Day It Was!

My mother would wake me out of my sleep early as I need an early bath to get ready for the early morning prayers on my Rudra bhai’s birthday as he turned 1 today. He is looking very happy and excited and is busy getting ready for the big occasion. My dada and dadee have organised a lunch to mark his birthday and my formal naming ceremony and they are expecting close to 350 guests, relatives and friends. We both would get ready and do the honors to the willing cameraman- my father.

First, we all would offer our prayers to God and our family’s hon’ble priest would conduct the religious prayers and chant the sacred hymns. We all are thankful to our God for His continued blessings and care over our family and at the same time seek His blessings and care for our family, now and in future as well.

Soon visitors would start pouring in and look for both of us. We both are dressed for the occasion. My Rudra bhai is wearing a black tuxedo suit; while I am wearing a light almond colored frock with a red high-neck top and a red cap.
My mother has ordered 8 lb Black Forest Mickey Mouse shape cake for the occasion; which my Rudra bhai would cut with the help of my father. Lunch would be served to all the visitors’ right afterwards. It was an honour for our family that almost all the invitees turned up to become a part of our celebration. Needless to say that we missed my bua, mama and didi and other loved ones and close relatives. It was an awesome arrangement and all the credit goes to my dada and dadee who single-handedly organised it.

Thank you my dada and dadee for giving us such a wonderful gift!

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