Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Fulfiled Promise

I am happy that my dad kept his promise of yesterday. This not only saved me from loosing my temper but would also make me go to sleep; fully satisfied and contended.

My day began as usual- with a smile on my face with my mom and dad by my side. Today, my papa didn't spend his usual 1 hour on newspaper- in fact he didn't read it at all; quite surprising as newspaper is part of his staple diet for last 28-29 years..

After my sponge bath in the morning, my papa and mom took me to the doctor to enquire about my nasal congestion. We couldn't meet our doctor as she was busy elsewhere, but then I was given steam to help take care of that problem. I didn't cry at all while steam was given to me.

My dad then took both of us to Pizza Hut...... I liked the ambiance of the restaurant... and was seen mom ordered Veg Surprise Pizza. As soon as pizza was ordered, I started crying........Reason? As I was hungry too and I knew that my mom wouldn't share it with me..she loves them.... She tried to feed but it was not at all comfortable there so I wouldn't take it..My papa and mom would then take their turns to eat their share, while other one would carry me in their arms to desist me from crying.....Mom paid the bill and we headed back home.....

Once we reached home, my mom gave me feed and papa would shoot some videos afterwards...soon I was off to sleep.

After I woke up, my papa would make me lie near him while he was busy writing his daily post on his blog...My eye pupils were focused on him and would not move a bit....I would pass him a smile as and when he would look at me.....Time for another feed and soon I would go back to my sleep......satisfied and contended...

My dad kept his promise of yesterday... Thank you as I felt your presence with me throughout the day. I know you will go back to Delhi tomorrow but then I also know that you love me a lot.... needless to say that I do that as well....

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