Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My First Shopping Experience

Wednesday morning of 21st January in Dehradun (Doon) was pretty cool but as the day progressed, sun was out in full blaze over the clear blue skies of Doon; the cool breeze blowing in from the Mussoorie hills was enough to soothe the impact of the hot sun- the weather was simply awesome and amazing... that is why hillstations or cities situted in a valley are so enjoyable....

My day though began as usual- with a big smile on my face. Soon it was time for my daily massage followed by my bath. My mom tried to put me on to sleep right afterwards, but I couldn't sleep at all. The persistent noise of hammers and other tools used by the carpenter working inside our house was too distracting. My mom was quick to find the solution and took me out in the lawns. In no time would I find myself resting in the soft arms of my best companion- my sleep; January sun and the flowery surroundings helped me in their own ways. After 2 hours, I requested my companion to let me go and seek my mom’s arms again; who incidentally was busy making her shopping plans. My timely request would eventually help my mom execute her plans for the day. Around 2 pm, I found myself in my dadee’s arms forming the same quartet as one during our Cafe Coffee Day visit of 19th January; driver uncle was on the wheels again- he drives with an extra care whenever I am one of the travellers. We headed towards Dehradun’s main market- Paltan Bazaar. As existing traffic rules do not permit anyone to drive inside the market, we had to park our car outside and walk on our feet. My dadee was holding me; I was adequately dressed to beat the Dehradun chill. Firstly we went to a jewellery shop as my mom wanted to buy a gold bracelet for her. She is not a jewellery freak so she would rather use her old wedding jewellery for the purpose than spending money. Lucky dad- as he doesn’t have to negotiate jewellery obsessed wife. She also bought some quilts, bed linens, terry towels etc for our house. Later, we would drive to Raja Road- Dehradun’s hardware market to buy some glass for the carpenter work currently underway at our house. While on our way back home, my dadee shopped for veggies and fruits and we were home by 6 pm- completely exhausted. I was hungry so mom would feed me and soon I again find myself ensconced in the arms of my best pal- my sleep.

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