Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Mom's Birthday

As mentioned earlier, 12th January is my mom's birthday and believe me she oozes the same level of excitement on her birthday as any other kid would; though it is a different matter that she completed 33 today. Birthday for her is all about new clothes, cakes, phone call greetings; in fact she maintains a log of all the people wishing her on her day. I am sure that I would inculcate all those traits in me also. As of now it was all about celebrating her birthday by observing her. She gave me my bath and would then make me wear my check skirt with white top and matching leggings. She too wore new clothes- a brown long designer woollen top and matching tights. My dada would test his culinary skills by cooking cutlets and other fried snacks while my dadee prepared an eggless cake. My nana too came along in the afternoon with my Soni auntie & Raju uncle visiting her in the evening. They got her a cake. My mother decorated the table with around 34 candles and would then cut both the cakes. I was watching this from the lap of my dadee. It was all about her day.
Watching her celebrate her birthday gives me a clue as to what I can expect on my day.....
Happy Birthday Mom!

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