Monday, January 12, 2009

My Normal Day

I thought that it will be nice to write as to what constitutes a day for me. It always starts with a diaper change at 3 am in the morning followed by my mom's feed for 10 minutes. Second session of my morning starts at around 8 am; that is when I usually wake up. Before, I could even decide about my next course of action my mom would start to tap my back softly to make me sleep for little more and thus desist me from raising an alarm-cry. But I always defeat her plans and would either cry or smile depending upon my mood on that particular day. Now a days it usually starts with a smile. Either way it means time to gulp mom's feed given that I have both, my right and dependence on that. As soon as my stomach gets filled up, I am left to play on my own and I always oblige by moving my both legs swiftly with hands moving in upward direction. If, by any chance I am not in a playful mood then I use my time sucking my right hand fingers and thumb. My this act has helped me liberate my hands/palms from warm mittens; which used to cover them through the day. After about an hour or so, is the time for my daily olive oil massage, mostly given by my dadee. Since my mom has also learnt it now, so she too pitches in as and when she feel appropriate. As soon as my massage gets over, my dadee gives me my bath; I usually cry a lot at that time. But, normalcy gets restored as soon as I am being dressed; for that I know I now can lay claim on to my mom's feed to help me sleep. Once I am asleep, my mom would put me inside my carrycot out in the Dehradun sun to wake me up in next 3 hours. After diaper change and one more round of mom's feed, I would begin to play on my own. My feeble body would get tired soon and I am again off to sleep to wake up only at around 8 pm. That is when my dada, dadee and mom plays with me. I have now learnt to recognise fan and would smile as and when I am asked to look at the moving fan. One more session of mom's feed would mean that I will retire to bed to begin a new day again next morning at around 3am.

12th Jan is my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Mummy! More on this later...

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