Thursday, January 22, 2009

An Indifferent Day

22nd Jan was very indifferent to me- I was bit irritable and was not in my elements for most part of the day. Perhaps it had something to do with the weather or the email directive of my mom's boss telling her to join office once her maternity leaves are over on Feb 3rd, 2009 citing some HR formalities- my dad read that email for mom over phone. Slowly and steadily I am getting the inkling of what is in store for me........ However Mom is sure about one thing- to extend her leaves by at least 20-30 days.....even if it means to join office for one day in between...Looking back at the day, I can safely conclude that telepathy and connection works very strongly.....

Before I conclude, I must mention Soli whose fight is on..... The dilemma and contradiction has been captured by my father in his post titled "Soli- A Hope in Contradiction" on his blog

Here are the excerpts of that post-
"-“Hope and despair”, “happiness and sadness”, “celebration and fight” et al are not mere words but powerful voice tools lent to human beings by the Almighty God to help them describe their emotions of that particular point in time. The contradictory nature of these voice tools is what creates the distinction in the lives of those very human beings. The list of tools is endless and so is the contradiction in the emotions that occupies, both the mind-space and the mindscape of every human being- every passing moment does nothing but only fuel those contradictions either by adding on to the list or by flipping the of life continues...."

"No wonder Dani was found wanting for words on wordless Wednesday.....You can follow Soli’s progress on while Reveda is"

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