Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Special Visitor

16th January was just like any other normal day in my life but for one visitor- my Poonam auntie. She is my mom's youngest sister and is a 24 year old special child. However those deficiencies have had no bearing on her ability to show emotions and love for me. When I was at my nana's place, she used to sit by my side watching me all the time (just as in this picture clicked by my father while I was at my nana's place) while following everyone's instructions to the "T"; but bonding kept growing. And it was that profound emotional bond and love which made her request my nana and nanee to take her to our house. She had gone for her doctor visit and that is when she made that request- "I want to go and see Bobby's daughter". She proposed and my nana disposed.

While at my place, she was no different then what she used to be at her place. As she wanted to share her excitement with my dad, she made my mom call him up. She would then describe to him her visit in her own words. Due to bad phone connection the conversation didn't last long but her excitement to be with me was clearly visible all over her face. I felt great becoming her vehicle to enable her carry those invisible emotions into a nonchalant world that judges people only on the basis of its own notion of abilities or inabilities; sufficiency or deficiency and so on so forth. But then "emotion"- one of the most powerful tools given to the human race by the Supreme Power –God has an innate power to trash those notions. Only challenge however is that special children don’t get those opportunities that frequently. My Poonam auntie however got one yesterday and she excelled.

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