Monday, December 29, 2008

Last Week's Absence

It has been almost a week since I posted on my blog. Actually, last week was all about consolidating the gains of the past. My bonding with my mother continued to grow and I would smile at her face every now and then. One notable development in the past one week was that I have learnt to keep myself busy while in my cot- by moving my legs and arms & this would mean that I sleep on my own with any assistance.

On Christmas day, my mother would put on red and white coloured clothes; she herself wear that combination on every Christmas. My father, who is in Gurgaon would utilise his Christmas holiday shopping for me. He bought me lot of clothes from Monalisa.... Come Friday, and he would board afternoon train to Dehradun. Saturday morning was when I met him and he would take me to my home to meet my dada and dadee; who are busy preparing for the lunch party that they are organising to celebrate my Rudra bhai's birthday and my naming ceremony.

My mother and I would come back to our home for a lunch party on 30th December; and that would mean that everyone at my nanee's place will have to negotiate tears for some days to come.... they, for sure are missing me and I am missing them as well. But, I am happy to be back and is looking forward to the celebration.

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