Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First Day In My Dehradun Home

Although Saturday; still I would wake up early to start it on a refreshing note in my own home. My dadee would complete my daily routine of massage and bath to prepare me for the waiting sun. My dada would get me my Rudra bhai's pink cradle so that I may sleep in the open and enjoy the bright winter sun. It was my first such experience and I would wake up until my father starts to click pictures of flowers in our lawn. I hope he is aware that I am the most beautiful he would click my pictures with colourful flowers providing in the background. You know our Dehradun home has two beautifully manicured lawns. You got to see it to believe in the beauty of those lawns. Let me help you with some pictures.........

After my Bath-

Inside my pink cradle-

I love roses-

And these roses-

Wow! I am in love with yellow-

And this rose too-
Wow! This is best-

I can smell it-

Lovely red-

Nice bouquet-

While my photo shoot was on, I was shuffling between sleep mode and wake-up mode; but would doze off to sleep right afterwards. Blistering Dehradun sun is making me sleep a lot. You know winters in Dehradun are divine as compared to smoggy and foggy Gurgaon. And, I am really enjoying this weather; although my body will take some time to get accustomed to this weather. However, once it does, I know I will find it hard to adjust to any other city barring Doon...

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