Monday, December 22, 2008

Temple Visit, Spectre of 280 Kms

My father would reach my nana's place in the afternoon and will wake me up out of my sleep. For a change, I too would not feel bad about it; normally I always do. Dehradun weather is windy today so my papa would cover me suitably to beat the December chill. We would soon head to nearby Lakshman Sidha temple- ( I was visiting Lakshman Sidha temple for the second time; first one was while I was inside my mother's womb. After offering our prayers in the temple, my father requested the Priest to let us sit inside a hut, where sacred fire is burning since time immemorial. My papa and mom, both sipped tea as offered by the priests and we came back to my nana's place afterwards. I was irritable in my sleep for past many days, but thing were set to change after our visit to the temple; such is the power of the sacred fire. My father would come to know the next day that I slept peacefully throughout the night unlike past few days, when I was irritable and would not sleep before 2am.

It would not be too long when I will again be faced with the spectre of 280kms distance- my Papa has to go back as he leaves for Delhi in the night; so I thought it best to give him a precious gift- "smile while in his lap".

While I am trying my level best to lighten the sombre mood by flashing smiley dimples, my mom would reveal her different plans as tears came flowing down her cheeks...

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