Thursday, December 18, 2008

Missing Me!

I seemed to have negotiated my post vaccination problems quite well as I woke up fresh to a chilly morning. Dehradun weather is now beginning to show its true colours with every other day witnessing a drop in temperature as compared to the previous one. Come winters and my mother begins to feel bit uncomfortable as she cannot withstand the winter chill, on the other hand my father loves winter. How diametrically opposite personalities they are! My daily chores would soon get over and that is when I am told that my dada and my dadee are coming to see me. It was good to meet them after so many days and their feelings were no less different. I could notice that they are missing me a lot. 280 kms away from us, my father is getting ready to leave for Dehradun friday afternoon. So, he would go to the market and buy me diapers (28 Fixies and 56 Pigeon- they don't sell them in Dehradun). He is a compulsive spender..... Before I end this post, I must tell you that today one monkey stepped inside our Gurgaon house and would not leave until he finds my Rudra bhai's bib....I am sure that monkey wants his/her kid to be like my Rudra bhai- an ever smiling kid- monkey in its case ...

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