Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Voice

I have successfully adapted myself to my nana’s place and am now beginning to enjoy all the attention I am getting from the visitors and my nana’s family. However, my voice is sitting 280 kilometres away from me and this state of separation does obstruct my ability to communicate my story, as seen by my eyes. But, modern technology has come to my rescue as using that, my father can anytime pick up the phone and gather those words that he deems fit to communicate my story, thus successfully keeping my promise.

Very mention of the word "separation" makes me wonder as to what separates the word “separation” from its real meaning- I found it is nothing but “an interval or space” that separates the two. Indeed so, it is nothing but an interval or space that has come to exist between myself and everyone of mine including my father, my dada, my dadee, my chacha, my chachee and my Rudra bhai; albeit temporarily so. However, my lifeline-my mom is there with me all the time. 16th December, for me started with my father calling my mother to enquire about us. I was crying and that is when my mom would put the receiver near my ear drums and make me hear my father’s voice; silence crept in soon afterwards and normalcy was restored-a feat that I would repeat again in the evening. Thus proving beyond doubt that I, now have begin to respond to a known voice- cause for celebration on a very significant achievement; as it points not only to my ability to hear but memorise as well. Well, all my other daily chores are going on as usual and some occasional visits too. That smile on my face is also beginning to grow bigger and I seem to have found favour with the gene that help scalp hairs grow. Humans, no doubt are one of the best creation of God and everything right from conceiving stage proves it every day. But, then I always wonder why some characters/faces in the garb of humans are out to harm this greatest creation of God-The Supreme Power.

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