Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Week of Mixed Emotions

My father is back in Gurgaon. I would now get to meet him only around Christmas, when he visit us in Dehradun.

My daily chores are progressing as usual with a slight change that from today i.e. 13th December onwards, it will be my nanee who will give me my daily massage and bath until we go back to our house.

We came to our nanee’s place yesterday; I know my dada and dadee are missing me very much. My dadee broke into tears when she spoke to my father over phone after we had left. She was feeling bad as they were missing my in-frequent smiles; something that I started doing from 9th December onwards. Earlier, I used to flash my smiles only while sleeping; but it was from that day onwards; I began flashing it even when awake. My first one for records was flashed while I was in my mother’s lap; she was talking to me and all of a sudden I would start to smile. She was so elated that she instantly called my dadee to join the dekko. That one incident would make my emotional repertoire see its first signification addition-“ability to smile” to an innate one -“ability to cry”.

My dadee would take my mother to Dr Sethi auntie for her check-up; I too joined in. Sethi auntie has been our family doctor ever since my father was born and such is her knowledge about him that upon being enquired about the reasons behind me making strange noises while taking my feed, she shot back-“after all she is Alok’s daughter; you might have forgotten that he too used to do that”.

I have acclimatised well to my Dehradun house but it will not be much before I will have to revisit the whole business of acclimatisation again as we leave for my nanee’s house on 12th. My mother would complete the packing well in time for my nanee to come and pick us from our house and we would reach my nanee’s house at around 2 pm in the afternoon. I am visiting their house for the second time; first was when I came here as an unborn for the house warming ceremony. I would be staying at my nana’s place with my mother for sometime; and I know that while I am here my dada and dadee would miss me a lot, especially my dadee who has been with me ever since I was born. However, they will visit me every now and then as our house is not very far from my nana’s place.

You know this past week was full of mixed emotions-crying, separation, union, smile, nostalgia, spiritual journey, bright colours and so many others. But then that is what life is all about. Isn’t that true?

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