Sunday, December 21, 2008

Surprise, Union, Wait & More

My father continues to surprise himself more so than anybody else as he would reach the railway station well in time to catch his train; ticket for which was booked well in time. "Wow, now that's an achievement dad!"- is how I would have reacted to it in my voice. He was home by 10pm on Friday night but, I would see him next morning only as I am at my nana's place crying incessantly; making my mother think that I have a colic problem- poor mom cannot understand the real reason! And, she would use all the tricks up her sleeve namely,“colic-aid” or applying a mixture of “asafoetida” aka “heeng”( and clarified butter (ghee drawn from cow’s milk) around my navel; but nothing would help until I am off to sleep on my own.

Next morning, my father would take my dadee to Dr. Sanjay Saxena uncle for her endoscopy tests, with my dada giving him the company. Her tests revealed reflux problem (GERD); a common acidity problem which is not serious. Doctor prescribed her some medicines and dietary control for her reflux problem. My father thanked God for His blessings as he was tensed about the tests; he would Pray to Him for His continued blessings over us and His care to look us after well. My dada and dadee would then hire an auto-rickshaw back to home and my father would drive in my direction to reach my nana’s place in flat 10 minutes.

Enters, him in my room to find me on my mother’s lap facing her; he calls my name and I would turn my neck full 180 degrees, look at his face and flash a big smile; it was big. “Surprised” and “moved” are the most appropriate two words that would describe the feelings and emotions of my father and mother at that moment. After few clicks, I would soon head into my sleep while in my father’s lap. Today is my Anil mama’s birthday so Priest is visiting my nana’s home to conduct prayers for the occasion. My nana would request him to do a quick read of my astrological horoscope and as per him; he is not the first one, I have stars that favour me and my family a lot in every field.

I would wake up at around 3pm to accompany my father and mother back to my home to be with my dada and dadee. It was a nice short homecoming session of around two hours that made everyone happy. My father would then take me to nearby Lord Shani Dev Temple with my Dadee, my Himmu dadee and my mother giving us the company. We would offer our prayers to the Lord and seek His blessings. As day is now beginning to fade into night, it is time to head back to my nana’s place. So I would see off my dadee and Himmu dadee to reach my destination in next 20 minutes; of course with my mother and father along. One more seeing off session- this time with my father; he would kiss me on my forehead with a promise to see me again next day. And with that would begin, another wait.....

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