Saturday, December 20, 2008

Human Behaviour- No Mystery

Human behaviour is an extremely complex arrangement of emotions and thoughts; negative and positive always jostling for space and fighting daily battles to gain an edge over one another to prove their respective supremacy. The end result is that complexity continues to grow to keep pace with the development of the human being. Soon, time comes when complexity grows to such an extent that both the “resident” aka “human behaviour” and the “host” alias “human being” come to become one; thus altering the course of life forever.

Ever wonder why we react differently to exactly similar situations or individuals for that matter? - In that merger lays the answer to all those questions.

Being an infant, I am still far away from all those complexities as my emotional repertoire is also in its early infancy just like me. However, this situation is not something carved in stone and it will not be very long when I too will eventually join this rat race; ready to face the world and react as it expects me to react.

I asked myself- is that how I would want to be; merely acting as a puppet with my strings in the hands of everyone else?

That’s when I came up with this answer through my father’s thought- my own blog. To my readers, this might sound too melodramatic or an abnormal statement. My plain retort to them is- when kids can come to become a life out of an union between two human beings, why should they be not allowed to convey/communicate their thoughts through those two beings. Afterall every kid, till he/she becomes self-reliant remain an inseparable part of their parents despite their biological separation; incidentally the separation occurs not out of their own wish but because of a God designed biological exigency that a mother’s womb cannot hold them beyond 9 months.

Born in a year, when Barack Obama managed to join the only missing piece in Martin Luther King’s famous assertion-“I have a dream”; this demanding daughter too dares to dream and her dream is- “to be an outstanding human being”. And, I am helped in my mission by my father who, through this blog is documenting my evolution as a human being during my formative years with an aim to make available to me; the crucial data points that will assist me unravel/demystify the mystery that shrouds the inconsistencies in human behaviour. After all, to tread on known rather than on unknown always helps and allows us to improve, lest we want otherwise!

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