Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Wish

I entered into 30th day today and with this I am all set to complete one month tomorrow- a month that saw me come out of my mother's womb safe and secure; a month in which I got to meet my dada, dadee, mummy, papa, bua, mama, chacha, chachee, bhai, didi, nana, nanee, mausi, mausa, mama and many other relatives and well-wishers, a month in which I collected so many gifts- in fact I could go on and on and on..

This month also saw extremely deplorable attacks on Mumbai citizens and my thoughts are with everyone who lost their relatives to this mindless act of terror. I also pay homage to everyone who lost their lives in these attacks and to those who died in the line of their duties. Their courage and valour should guide each one of us in future and we must NOT forget their sacrifice.

I slept for most part of the day today and would wake up only for my daily bath or as and when I am hungry. My father reached home late and had to rush to computer as his boss wanted him to send some excel spreadsheets urgently as part of meeting preparation. This would put me off and I begin to cry and would continue until he holds me.

Before I conclude today's post I must tell you something- you know my dada and dadee celebrates monthly birthdays of my Ridhima didi and Rudra bhai and now mine would begin from tomorrow. My dada is in Dehradun so he will celebrate it there while my dadee, mummy, papa, chacha, chachee and Rudra bhai will celebrate it here in Gurgaon. You also celebrate it.....

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