Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Dehradun Home

Our Dehradun home is the shining statement of the amount of hard work put in by my dada and dadee. From the conversations I heard while inside my mother’s womb; I know that we used to live in a two room government accommodation and my dada and dadee always used to tell anyone asking them about their own personal house that-“our kids are our house”. P

aucity of financial resources made them work hard to earn extra and place greater emphasis on their kid’s education and upbringing; their hard work paid off in the form of our house- around 4500 sq ft structure standing tall on a 900 yards (approx) plot. Construction of our house was completed in Jan 05 and it took my dada exactly 6months to construct it under his personal supervision. My dadee provided him the moral support and strength with my bua and chacha doing the building design and also ensuring that supplies reach on time and my father taking care of the loan instalments. This house is like a fourth kid for my dada and dadee; no wonder that they do not like to stay in Gurgaon for long. In fact everyone is attached to this house and that attachment and affection makes this house- “Our Home”. Here are some pictures ...........................

View of our house from the edge of the lawns-

Side-view of our house-

Our sidelawns with house in the background-

This is our front lawn-

And this is part of the kitchen garden-

From the porch-

Lawn & drive-way from the rooftop terrace-

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