Thursday, December 4, 2008

My First Monthly Birthday

You know, I am a 1 month old little girl today. It feels little unusual as the feeling of being called as-"one month old" is yet to sink in. Time just was just few days back when I was in the hospital waiting to come home. But that is past and so is this first month after my birth.

Although it is an altogether different story that I can choose to go back into that one month as & when I would want to- open my blog and start reading the archives.... simple baba....My day started in a hurry as my papa has a lot of work to do at work as part of board meeting preparation. Besides, today is also my date with doctor Manish uncle. My father would drop us at the hospital and leave for his work. While my dadee and mummy would accompany me to doctor uncle. Uncle was happy at my progress and gave me my vaccination as per my chart. It was slightly painful initially but I negotiated it well. My dadee and mummy would then bring me home in a cab. I was little sleepy and I would soon go to sleep. My mother's colleagues from her work would visit us in the afternoon to meet me- yes, not my mother but me...I felt great meeting all the aunties- Poonam, Soma, Rajni, Rupinder, Sabina- all came with a nice gift hamper. My mother was visibly happy to meet her colleagues after a long hiatus. I am afraid she will have to wait little longer to be in that office again... Sad for her but great for me!

I would conveniently go to sleep afterwards to wake up in the evening only. My mother would send Tinku chacha for my first monthly birthday cake. I would wait endlessly as both my Chacha and Papa are working late in office. As soon as they reached home, my Rudra bhai would help me cut my cake-chocolate one.He would clap with both hands and look happy- after all he played a perfect elder brother tonight. It's time to eat cake (my mom tried it on me too)and dinner.While everyone is having dinner, I would wait for my mother finish hers and feed me afterwards. It would be a while before I go off to sleep and my mother would have no choice but to sit upright and feed me. Soon, when I am done with feed, I would go to sleep with a smile on my face- a smile meant to express my happiness on celebrating my first monthly birthday.

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