Monday, December 1, 2008

12 Days of Consolidation

Twelve days between 19th Nov to 30th Nov was a period of consolidation. I deliberately chose that word as everything during that period was about consolidating the gains and successes of past many months. My mom is beginning to feel better with every passing day and so am I. My sleep cycle is getting aligned with every one so no more sleepless nights. I would not drink even a single drop of top feed as I enjoy my mom's feed more than that. After all, I do know that it helps build a stronger bond.

Visitors continues to pour in to bless me; Gautam chacha, Ritu chachee, Amit chacha and Rupali chachee being the earlier ones- their names got missed out in earlier posts. My papa would go to work every day and be back early. One day while doing his morning pooja, he noticed one boil on my head and my dadee, mummy and papa all rushed to hospital to get that checked where doctor uncle cleaned it and suggested not to use any J&J products. I was back to normal again.

In between, Mumbai incident happened and it really shook all of us. I have already posted my thoughts on that ghastly incident some time back under the following link

While Mumbai encounter is on, Monu uncle would visit us from SFO, USA along with Seema auntie and Gaboo didi. They would get me some nice clothes and proceed to Dehradun on 30th November after staying with us for couple of nights. It will then be Chetan uncle's turn to visit us along with Vaishali auntie, Tanvi didi and little Tanmay. You know Chetan uncle is also an expert in handling kids as he would make me go sleep in no time. I wish my father would have taken some pictures. I was little bit uncomfortable in the night, so my mummy would give me some medicine to help me with colic. With this would pass November; my first month of birth. This month will hold a special place in my heart forever as it is the month in which I got to meet my dada, dadee, mummy, papa, chacha, chachee, bua, mama, bhai, didi, nana, nanee, mausa and mausee and so many others....

Thank You My Lord for everything!

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