Saturday, December 6, 2008

My First Train Journey

5th December would start with my Rudra bhai proceeding for New Delhi airport to catch his early morning flight to Pune along with my chachee; my chacha and dadee would drop them off at the airport. My Ashu chacha will now be all alone in our Gurgaon home for few days as I too would leave for my Dehradun home by an afternoon train with my dadee, papa and mummy. My mother would finish the packing with my dadee’s assistance well in time; and soon I would find myself accompanying them in a cab for my first interaction with a large crowd at New Delhi railway station. Locating huge crowds in India requires no major effort; all you have to do is to hit the roads and they will lead you there. Back to my story again- my papa would look for our name in the reservation list and we would soon be seating on seat No 12-13-14 of Coach C1. Time to click my pictures inside the railway coach- so here it is..

Ain't this smile cute!-
Our train would reach Dehradun at 10.20pm against its scheduled arrival time of 9.20pm. My dadee would rush me inside our waiting car to beat the cooler Dehradun weather and it would soon sped away to our Sahastra-Dhara road home to find my waiting dada at the gate. My Radhee dada, Himmu dadee and Mukki chacha (my papa’s uncle, aunty and cousin) would also be there to welcome me and I would enter my own home (Gurgaon one is a rented one) in my dadee’s lap. My roving eyes are trying to spot the difference in the surroundings and I must tell you that they are many. Biggest one is that this space is my own private space- a result of all the hard work of my dada, dadee, papa, bua and chacha helped by my mummy and chachee in their own respective ways. My dadee would then take me inside my bua’s bedroom- called so as she designed it and lived in it prior to her marriage; and I would soon find me lying on a bed that saw Ridhima didi and Rudra bhai over it in the past.
The room is cosy and warm as my dada switched on the heater at least an hour back- How thoughtful! It is about time that my clothes are changed and I am given feed- I would propose and my dadee and mother would dispose as soon as I propose. I would soon doze off to my sleep ending a day that saw me undertake my first train journey to see my Dehradun home through my own eyes.

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