Thursday, January 27, 2011

Illness, Injury & School

The title of today's post needs no explanation- I have not been keeping well and was diagnosed with acute stomach mother had to take a week off from work. If that was not enough, I ended up injuring my right eye on Monday after a freak accident involving a paint-brush that landed on my injury that could only be noticed yesterday after my mom saw a blood clot underneath my lower eye-lids......26th being a republic day, doctors were not available; so had to resort to phone advice- nothing serious is what he says!

Amidst all this, in their bid to to divert my attention and make me "feel-good", my parents took me to show me my likely school-
Dihika - and it seemed to have paid off as from then my infection started to give way to new-found desire to go and attend my new school..... My parents have chosen that school because it is based on "Education for life" philosophy instead of currently in vogue book based education......An excerpt from their website is as follows:

"With parents working long hours, the already sketchy nuclear family survives on minute windows of 'quality time’. Young parents look to the child’s school to provide care, nurturing, stimulus and inspiration…. to "deliver the finished product”, as it were. Credible surveys have found contemporary learning to be rote-based, taking place in watertight compartments with little relation to life. The school simply churns out neat little beings that speak correctly, follow rules, sing rhymes, and rattle off factoids about Continents and Constitutions.... yet all the while, the beautiful wiring INSIDE them lies neglected and untended. An easy answer to fears of encouraging bigotry has been for schools to abandon moral and spiritual instruction altogether..... effectively throwing the baby out with the bathwater. We see people everywhere growing into set patterns of negativity and only after being buffeted by life's storms "finding" spirituality and trying to straighten out their lives. Einstein’s revelation that the Universe is composed of ‘Energy’ rather than ‘Matter’ validates the ancient Vedic premise that this Dwapara Yuga that we live in is, indeed, the Age of Energy. Dihika uses the eternal principles of Yoga Vedanta to provide a spirit-centered learning environment that takes into account this new Energy Paradigm, using techniques continuously refined in the Living Wisdom Schools in the United States. A central part of the curriculum is teaching a child how to be aware of his own energy and how to harness it towards what he is trying to accomplish."

Let me end this post by uploading some pics of me and my Rudra bhai having a will love these pics!

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