Friday, January 14, 2011

My Crazy Balls & My Books

I love the sight of my three crazy balls going up and down, every time I throw them on to the ground- those balls are my new found love and a good friend. My other best friend at home are my books- few of them are old books of my Rudra bhai. Every night, I ask either of my parents to help me read those books- covering subjects as varied as English alphabets, Birds, Vegetables, Fruits, Opposites, Vehicles etc etc. That I have already mastered them is no big statement but what is more important here is my fondness and love for those books- despite them having lost their curiosity value. I always insist on sleeping with one of books placed inside my pillow.......fondness and love for books doesn't mean that I forget my other love-crazy-balls......and, I always keep one of them inside my pockets; even when I am sleeping!

Another quotable thing here is my recent one night departure from daily ritual of sleeping, clinged on to my mom.....Reason for the departure lied with my Rudra bhai who proudly told me that he sleeps clinged on to his papa. In my true competitive spirit, I told my papa-""papa mere ko aapse chipak kar sona hai....jaisey jeenu apney papa ke saath sota hai" (papa, I want to sleep just as Jeenu sleeps with his papa; tightly clinged on to him) papa couldn't stop smiling and so didn't I; mom left surprised!

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