Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Visit To Sector 15 Park!

The Sun God generally gives a miss to His daily date with Delhi during the winters; so it calls for celebration everytime He shows up. Last Saturday was one such day-perhaps Sun God had some extra time with Him- Saturday being the weekend! Taking benefit of the opportunity offered by the bright Sun, my mom thought it best to set up our date with the nearby park. Great moment, we were off to the park.......Once inside, sight of us matched with that of detainess set freed after years of detention or house-arrest. But, a sight of few babies of labourers sitting in the park in skimpiest of clothes was enough to break the spirit of celebrations. I walked back to my mom-sitting on the bench- and said "Mumma, mere kuch clothes poor baby ko de saktey hain, sab mat dena , par thode se de do" (Mumma, can we give some of my clothes to the poor babies,don't give all but do give some")........ Astonished and surprised, my mom couldn't stop herself from giving me a warm hug of gratitude.....

All the running and shouting that we did saw us gasping for breath.....Refreshment time...yeah! So, out come oranges from my mom's bag, handing us one orange slice each, she egged us on to eat fast......My Rudra bhai followed her to "T" but not my eyes were set on the orange peels that my mom had thrown on the ground. Picking up those peels, I handed them over to my mom and instructed her to throw them into the near-by dust-bin.......Mom was left surprised again!

Running and shouting began, again!

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