Sunday, July 11, 2010

I am Back!

After a brief hiatus, I am back into the blogging world.......Well, reasons for my recent break were beyond my control- I was busy doing whatever I am good at- its just that my voice- my papa- was busy wrapping up his last days in the corporate world.......Well as you know he was planning to quit the corporate world and he did exactly that on 7th July after he quit his job of a Finance Controller at NIIT Limited........Retirement????? Are you kidding???? For what?????? Well, he is trying to follow his passion or heart- tourism, adventure and training- with a development focus........Now, don't ask me about development focus- all I know is that he, along with couple of his friends is trying to promote off-beat tourist destinations amongst families, corporates and students such that the place itself comes up on the tourist map.......All along this, they plan to work towards the development of that region as well by focussing on livelihood training, environment, water conservation and organic cultivation. Big dreams, big ideas, big ambitions and a giant step that incidentally is nothing but a very small start...........I call it a giant step as he turned down a lucrative job offer few days before he was due to quit and also chose to forgo the luxury of seeing a fat pay cheque month after month.........At the same time, it is a very small step as he has a long way to go.......I can only wish him good luck and can support him in whatever way I can.........Infact, I do that already as I don't complaint to him about his lack of time- he will be touring extensively between Gaja- his chosen place of work-, Dehradun and Gurgaon.......I shall be writing more about that later......

Coming back to my blog, I know I am running behind on few of my promises- foremost one to post my pictures and videos of my bald/ganja look......Actually, my papa had to return his office laptop; besides his camera too is not working........And, if that was not enough, his phone chip, that had the recordings/images of our mundan ceremony and recent Dehradun trips is not traceable after he gave it for repairs-remember that act of mine when I threw his phone into the bucket full of water. My papa has already lambasted the shop owner for his negligence and has served him an ultimatum to return his chip by Sunday evening........I don't know why that guy did this???

Anyways, my papa has some pictures and will be posting them as soon as his camera starts working again! Let's hope, it does!

You know during past few days, I have made some giant strides in the field of my knowledge of English alphabets and colour identification........I can distinguish between various colours and can also identify the blocks for English alphabets......Not only that, I can also relate a particular English word to a matching letter of English alphabet- A for Aaapul, B for Ball, C for Caat, D for doggie, E for Phant (meaning Elephant).........

I have started going for early morning weekend walks with my mom and dadee- my dadee is visiting us as my mom had to rejoin her office, albeit for half a day during the latter half of the day- a time that I spends with my dadee, Rudra bhai and Chachee..........

Another crucial development is my new found ability to speak long sentences and also use words that are nothing but eye-paupers.......Consider this:

~ My Rudra bhai to me- "Behan meri car kahan hai" (meaning sister where is my car)- to which my reply is nothing but a terse- Maloom nahin (meaning I don't know)

~ My Rudra bhai to me (after he fails to remove his cycle stuck between sofas and a wall)- "Behan meri cycle nikaal do" (meaning, sister please help me take out my cycle).......My reply???? A bossy- "Aata hoon" (meaning I am coming)........followed by a confident walk towards the cycle....few tries and cycle is out.....I hand over the possession to my Rudra bhai and leave from the scene......( Will post this video soon)

~ I am standing tall on the bed- all set to jump but not before I say this-"Main jump maar doon" (meaning can I jump)

~ My papa is ready to leave in the morning (that was before 7th) and with a smile on my face, I ask- "Alok kahan jaa raha hai" meaning Alok, where are you going?

~ Me ordering my Rudra bhai-"Jeenu, idhar aao"- meaning Jeenu come here......Jeenu to me- "Behan aa raha hoon" (meaning sister, I am coming)

Well, you know my Rudra bhai never calls my name- he always calls me "Behan" -; on the other hand, I never call him bhai (or, brother in English) instead I call him by his name- "Jeenu'

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