Monday, July 26, 2010

No Blogging But A Nice Surprise!

Despite all his promises, my papa hasn't been able to update my blog for long now; owing to his pre-occupation with his new found passion-his outdoors startup- which keeps him busy in hills with no internet connectivity........He came back to Gurgaon Saturday morning after spending close to 10 days in hills......In between, he did manage to squeeze in a 5 hour quick-fire trip to Gurgaon just to meet me on 19th after he couldn't cope up with the long break from me......So, he took a flight to Delhi and reached our Gurgaon home at 4 pm to leave for Dehradun, 5 hours later by a night train .....I was fast asleep when he arrived; so my dadee told my papa to be careful not to wake me up from my sleep.......But, I had completely different plans and as soon as I heard his voice, I started smiling with closed eyes-that was more than enough for my papa not to heed to my dadee's instructions......he took "smiling" me into his lap- an act to which I reciprocated with a nice warm hug.....Soon, my Rudra bhai joined me in my father's arms- a missed photo-op but a great surprise....

With my papa back in Gurgaon, I hope that blogging will be back on track....My dada and dadee are also with us after completing their trip to Shirdi for the darshan of Bhagwan Sri Sai Baba. You know I can recognise Baba......My papa says that I am also a devotee of Baba as I always bow my head before Him whenever I see His picture or a statue.........Infact, my Rudra bhai and Ridhima didi do that as well.

I am ending this post with a video that was shot inside a pub- after I gatecrashed it - from a neighbouring restaurant we went dining for.........You can see my shadow dancing to the loud music.....And, no it isn't a video from our past gatecrashings..........So, here it comes....

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