Sunday, September 19, 2010

Helping Hands

Unusually wet weather in Delhi has left lot of people with stuffy and running noses; I and my Rudra bhai included therein. Although there is no dearth of helping hands but cutest of all is one of my Rudra bhai.......As he saw my running nose, he looked for my hankie and asked- "Behan nosie saaf karoon" (meaning sister-shall I clean your nose).......To which my affirmative response was best coveyed by a slight movement of my face in his direction such that his hands are able to reach my nose. And, his hands did with ease. As I felt that he wasn't fully successful in his cleaning attempt, I instructed-"Jeenu, idhar bhi saaf karo"- pointing at the spot on my nose that I felt was left uncleaned.

Well, this helping hand traffic runs both ways. Like, if I am watching rhymes on youtube, I ensure my parents don't start till Jeenu enters my room. And, our home keeps resonating with that familiar sentence-"Jeenu tauji room main aao, rhymes dekhney" (meaning Jeenu come to tauji's room, we will see rhymes)....or an act of pushing a piece of biscuit inside his mouth with that much familiar two letter sentence-"Jeenu khao" (meaning Jeenu eat this). Actually sepeaking, there are so many incidents like that.....However, none of that gets posted .......Perhaps, they have gotten used to seeing this on regular basis and don't really understand its value! Or, may be it's my papa who always misses out on this as he wants to record our conversations instead of writing about it......Recording never happens and so most of the incident remains unposted!

Well, that reminds me of another incident; we have a photo album which we see every now and then. We can identify most of the faces in that album and one such face is of Gautam chacha- my Ashu chacha's friend. For me his existence was limited to that photo album only until I saw him entering inside our home few days back.......I couldn't believe my eyes and expressions on my face kept asking a question- "how could someone come out of a photo album"........And, as soon as he extended his hands in my direction, I burst into tears....scared; very scared!

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