Monday, September 6, 2010

22nd Monthly Birthday

I have completed 22 months on 3rd September and my mom decided to celebrate it with the usual cake cutting ceremony. My papa was present this time after missing it on two previous ocassions because of his visit to hills. However, work kept him busy till 9 pm, and we could not leave before to buy my birthday cake. By the time we did, all the bakeries were already shut; but not that of Hotel Galaxy.....So, we went in and bought a very good looking rectangular shape Swiss Cream Chocolate Honey cake.....My Rudra bhai and I was giving company to my mom while papa waited outside in his car......His wait kept getting longer and longer as I & my Rudra bhai decided to do some running inside the hotel lobby; which was later cut short by my mom who played a spoilsport by forcing us out, much against our wishes........We took no time to found another attraction- this time a wedding reception band playing music....... "mumma dancie karna hai" (mumma, I want to dance) was my next demand- I proposed and mumma disposed.....but my plan was washed away by heavy rains leaving us to no option but get inside the waiting car......Papa heaved a sigh of relief as his unending wait finally ended.......At home, I took my Rudra bhai's help to cut the cake and announce to everyone that I am a 22 month old kid now! Pictures from my 22nd monthly birthday cake cutting ceremony will have to wait as my Ashu chacha has to download them on to his computer....

Next day i.e. Saturday was spent at the school exhibition at Epicentre in Gurgaon........I visited many prospective schools, bullied some kids at some of the stalls, got a tattoo printed on my arms and also made attendants gift me some skethch pens.....Later, we went to Sandeep uncle's house for a dinner with Rajan uncle and his family........

Sunday was spent at home as my papa was away at the school exhibition......needless to say that it was very dull for me.......

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