Monday, August 30, 2010

My Favourite Phrases

With a plastic fan in my left hand and moving it from left to right and back, I ask Jeenu- "जीनू हवा आ रही है " (meaning can you feel the wind blowing into your face")......Well, who cares how far he is from the reach/area of influence of that hand fan- it's the intent that matters!

A daily night circus is at full display- Jeenu not eating his dinner and my Shikha chachee is running after him- when I came up with an instant solution. I pick up my papa's phone and start to dial a number......Even before my papa could open his mouth to enquire, I was ready with my explanation- "मैं मोंस्टर को डायल कर रहा हूँ" (meaning I am calling monster).......and the conversation starts- "हेल्लो मोंस्टर, जल्दी आओ जीनू खाना नहीं खा रहा है" (Monster come quickly, Jeenu is not eating his dinner)......Guess what...timid jeenu gulps everything in a tizzy!

Opening our bedroom door in a fit of rage, I thunder- "जीनू रूम में नहीं जाऊंगा" (I will never go inside Jeenu's room)......Reason????? Well, a fight had broken between me and my Rudra bhai after I felt shortchanged, so I banged his bedroom's door at him and came out........Well, this gets repeated few times in the day but then I don't like to keep this pledge .........One reaction that always puzzles me is that of my parents- they laugh everytime they hear me utter that thunderous comment- I don't think there is anything to laugh about it......and, I don't forget to make my displeasure known to them........

Well, not all our fights result in that thunderous pledge- some moderate ones elicit a matching reaction- "जीनू आपके फ्रेंड नहीं बनूँगा" (Jeenu, I will not be your friend anymore)........

And, then there are some fights when I just lose me cool....left with no choice Jeenu runs for cover.......trying his best to avoid that ferocious little sister called "behan"- running after him, eyes wide open, fist in the air , teeth already sharpened for maximum effect........Jeenu knows what is in store for him....his back bears a testimony to one such fight and so does his one arm!

"आलोक ठंडा पानी पीना है" (Alok, I want to drink chilled water)

"आलोक में कैसा लग रहा हूँ" (Alok, how am I looking)- right after I changed into a new dress!

My mom has just refused me something; what do I do?? Well, I say "मम्मा गंदी है" is bad!

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