Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hum Kahan Jaa Rahey Hain!

"Hum kahan jaa rahey hain" meaning (where are we going?) is a question that I used to ask every evening moments after stepping inside our car. Earlier, I used to get an instant answer but not anymore- the ploy just doesn't work- my question, is my vehicle to raise a demand to be taken to the Mega Mall.....You must be wondering as to how is this possible? Well, it's simple.....I used to keep repeating the question until I hear "Mega Mall"- hearing which always broadens my smile.........

As they changed, so did I. Now I don't ask that question straightaway.......Instead I focus on creating a platform to be able to ask this question from the position of strength- or you may call authority. So, I start identifying buildings starting with Salwan Public School- mumma, dekho school followed by mumma dekho Galakshee mall (see Galaxy mall).........with Alok, dekho Star mall aa gaya (Alok, see Star Mall has come) coming next.......and, then a loud finger pointing statement- mumma, dekho phewl istation (fuel station).......And, by then we reach a red light intersection with road on your right going to Sector 29 while left taking you to Sector 14. Since, I love to be on the other side (more posh and cosmopoliton side), I becomes the navigator ordering- Alok idhar chalo (Alok, go there- take left pointing with my hand- yes I can identify directions with my hand)............Once on that road, I ask my question- Mummua hum kahan jaa rahe hain?.......and without waiting for their answer, I follow it up with my own answer- Mumma hum Mega Mall jaa rahe hain- in no inquisitive tone! At times, their reply comes before my answer and usually it is likely to remain the same- hum market jaa rahe hain(meaning we are going to the market)........And, I give that answer a deserving rejoinder- "nahinnnnnnnnnnnnn" meaning a big no........Hum Mega Mall jaa rahey hain (we are going to the Mega Mall only)........Another intersection comes and I wear my navigator hat again pointing towards my left- Idhar jao (go that side).......and Mega Mall is in sight- mumma dekho......Alok dekho....wo raha Mega Mall (see, there it is)............mission complete!

My papa, already tired of taking that same route to Mega mall, took another route on Monday. He wanted a change so he decided to take us to our apartment-currently under construction for last 3 and 1/2 years.......As the route was completely unfamiliar, so I switched from my talking mode to observing mode.........Must I be trying to figure out the way that leads to Mega Mall!

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