Monday, August 9, 2010

My New Friend "Babloo"

While my father was away in the hills, I managed to develop a new friendship with someone called "Babloo"........And, I meet "Babloo" several times a day- just after I wake up, during the day and also before I go to sleep......I like to play with it......I love it because it never hits back when I throw is very obedient and follows my instructions to the "T"......"Babloo" has a peculiar habit of not moving till I ask it to do so- it never comes out of his home till I pull him out...........Do you wanna meet my friend "Babloo"????? So here he comes......
You know "babloo" has got an inverted twin brother called "Emm"....They are so similar to each other that I get confused between the two- latest being yesterday as we drove past "McDonald's"........As soon as I saw it, I couldn't help saying- "bye Babloo hum shaam ko milengey"- (meaning- Bye Babloo, we will meet in the evening) ......It wasn't much before I realised my mistake and corrected myself........So, do you want to meet the twin brother of "Babloo"......Here he comes:
Although, I have 24 other friends but they are not as cute and beautiful as "Babloo" and "Emm".....Thus, my every date with my alphabet board starts with "Babloo" and "Emm".......

Thank you mama-papa for buying me that "Alphabet board"......they bought that from a handicraft showroom called "Anokhee" inside Galaxy Mall....

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