Monday, August 16, 2010

Independence Day- Full Masti

In our country's 64th birthday, my parents saw an opportunity to open me to a wide range of activities to make it memorable for me. It didn't take me much to seize the opportunity and make the best of it.......and what a busy day it turned out to be-ended at 1 am next morning!

It all started with a kite flying session in the morning with Amardeep bhaiya (our maid's son). My mom had requested him through his mom the previous day; how kind of him to accept that request! First, he took all of us to the roof top but find it inconvenient for lack of open space. So, we came down, after he decided to do it on the road...........We were following his foot-steps as he was the only kite-flying expert amongst all of us.......
As soon as the kite flying session got over, I ran away towards the school boundary adjoining the road.
And, climbed that wall to see the ducks- the school has some birds and ducks in its compound.
My Rudra bhai joined me soon thereafter. In the video, you will again notice the difference between my Rudra bhai's fearful and my fearless nature- my Rudra bhai asked for Shikha chachee's help while I did it myself-however, he made amends seeing me climb it on my own.

In the evening, my parents decided to take me to the Ambeince Mall- pity that Gurgaon has nothing other than malls for recreation purpose- and everything in mall comes for a price. We are thankful to God that we can pay for some of the things at display in those malls; but what about others- not so priviledged ones from the society?????- well, Amardeep bhaiya had an answer....didn't he????

As soon as we entered the mall, I saw kids doing bungy jumping. I told my papa-"Alok mujhe bhi jump karna hai" (meaning Alok, I want to do the jumping)......He went to the organiser who refused as soon as he heard my age. Citing his refusal, my papa took me towards the elevator but I was in no mood to relent and started crying.......But my mood changed as soon as we reached at the entrance of the Fun City..........My papa bought some credit and with that started a series of rides and games beginning with the Samba Balloon......All the pictures and videos will tell you the story.....

Samba Balloon Ride-

Horse Ride-

Motor Rides

Soon our credit got over and we came out of the Fun City........My papa bought me an ice-cream and as soon as we started walking towards to the basement car parking, I again saw kids doing the bungy jumping.....and started crying. My papa again took me to the organiser and this time, he agreed as my papa told him to do it at less than usual speed.......So, he took the money and gave me my ticket- rolling it on my wrist..... I was finding it difficult to wait and would climb the stairs everytime that pulley slowed down for taking in the new jumber......But, I had to wait as they had to arrange for a harness of my size.....
And when my turn came, I was visibly excited about the unknown- here is the video of that entire jump......

Bungy jumping over, time to go home........As it was getting late, we thought it best to eat on our way back home......The restaurant had closed by then but my papa managed to get some chicken wings for me- I love them- see it for yourself

Chicken wings were very hot, good that Santoshi didi carried my water bottle.....All these pictures were taken in the moving car.
As we reached home, my chacha, chachee and Rudra bhai were busy watching the ending part of movie "Love Aajkal".......As the movie was about to end, they chose to retire for the day. But, me and my mom had different plans.......As the movie ends with one of my favourite dance numbers, we both started dancing to the music of that song- you know I had seen this movie in the hall, when I was small. Here is the video of me follow my mom's dance steps.......

15th August ended with the ending of our dancing session. However, I was still in no mood to sleep; so, I started painting on the floor and this is what I painted.....
As the clock was ticking away towards 1 am, my mom forced me to go to sleep.As we are compiling this post, it seems to me as if we had packed few days of stuff in a single day. Happy Independence Day!

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