Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Laddu Khana Hai!

"Laddu khana hai" meaning I want to eat Laddu has been my favourite phrase as we used to drive past temple on our way to Mega Mall- happened twice in as many days- My parents related that comment to my past visits to that temple along with my Rudra bhai and thought that all I am asking for is to be taken to the temple to eat the prasad (offerings).........It took them a drive past Gulab- a sweet shop of MG Road to understand their folly..........Yesterday night, as we drove past that shop- my first- I began asking for Laddu, repeating my "Laddu khana hai" statement many times.......And, this time I was on a mission.......leaving them with no option but to take me inside that shop.....

Once inside, I went straight to the display counter and pointing my fingers at the "Laddu" said- "Yeh khana hai" meaning I want to eat this........My papa told the attendant to pack one kg and bagan taking out money.........But, I was in a mood to shop more........and pointed my finger @ Ras bhari petha followed by those big atta laddoo (wheat flour).........The attendant couldn't stop smiling and handing me a piece of Kaju barfi and petha said- "yeh sabse chotee umar kee shopper hai" meaning she is the youngest of my shoppers............

Needless to say that my parents are happy at my ability to start using my sense of taste!

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