Friday, August 27, 2010

Rakhi Festivities

Our Raksha-bandhan celebrations started with an earlier than usual shower followed by a visit to Ruchi bua's home. We spent close to an hour at bua's place, playing with their dog- chinki- and also with Sooraj-Chintu bhaiya's son- as everyone else got busy with the festivities.

Later at home, I tied the rakhi on my Rudra bhai's hand not forgetting to do it for my Honey didi as well. My Renu bua had sent rakhi for everyone (my parents and Rudra bhai's parents) while my Honey didi sent it for me and Rudra bhai. Renu bua had also sent a letter- written to her brothers- while Honey didi wrote one for us........It was a moving letter indeed- and also a nice way to go back to the good old days of an unwired world! Well, another one from my Veda bua is on its way......

Shreya didi- our landlord's daughter- who was waiting for us to come back, too came up and did the ritual with my Rudra bhai.

In the evening it was the turn of Liz bua followed by Rinki bua, Archu bua and Mumpy bua......needless to say that my papa's wrists are looking very colourful. Pihu didi (Rinki bua's daughter) got one for us too.......You know Rinki bua's visit always translates into lot of clothes.......She, being a textile designer has a penchant for nice designer clothes and me and my Rudra bhai loves her visits........

In between all those festivities, we talked to my dada and dadee several times over phone......and also saw my Renu bua, Rakesh mama and Honey didi over Google video chat........To see my Renu bua's happy face after she saw both of us on video, was the best moment of the day- not that others were not; her relentless pursuit of software and webcam did work in the end!

I will be posting pictures later as camera is under repairs-courtesy me!

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